Our goal is to aware people to not giving money baggers and make them self working. We provide ideas to people how they can support them and can contribute in making a bagger free India. So being a responsible citizen your voice against begging.

Begging: A serious issue

Beggars are not only seen on railway stations and bus stand but in streets, markets, around the houses also .Beggars are everywhere.

They live on and off the street. That is why it is a problem. Mainly People are forced to become beggars because of poverty. Our country has a huge population of 125 crores out of which 30% of the population is below its official poverty limit i.e(BPL) Poverty in India is a bitter reality. Now a question arises what are the conditions which lead to become beggars? Poverty, unemployment, illiteracy and laziness are conditions leads people to beg.

We daily came across people of different age groups i.e. the aged, adults, children and even toddlers begging. It is very sad. We personally do not favour begging therefore we want people to refrain from giving money to beggars. Not only aged and disabled people but also young and fit people who can easily make a living for themselves by working and doing odd jobs. They choose the easy way out and come on the streets to beg. They do not want to work.
People easily gave money when they come across children, old and handicapped (blind,crippled etc) people begging as matter of courtesy but it is not a right way to help them because they are often a victim of human trafficking. They collect money by begging and give them to their masters.

When we see any child begging when we out of sympathy try to buy them some food rather than giving them money, they often refused to take food and demand money. Nowadays it looks like even beggars are choosers. They conveniently tell us that they want the money and not the food.

In some cases, we find that the whole family is involved in begging. The family members keep on increasing with marriage and birth and each of them gets into begging on streets or temples. Children of such families do not go to school but only beg. They have to do begging because their family’s income is not enough to feed the entire family in a day. Here, poverty is one big reason for such a situation. But at the same time, begging is not the solution for such a situation.
Begging has become a big industry in our country. In fact, there are begging gangs in cities like Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai, Kolkata etc not only in big cities but also in small cities and towns. These gangs have their own gang leaders. Each leader allots a particular territory for a group of beggars and the day’s earnings are shared among them. The gang leader keeps the larger share. These beggars are so involved in begging that they don’t want to work elsewhere. It’s strange but true that some of these beggars earn in thousands and lakhs, much more than a normal middle class worker.

Our population is large and beggary and poverty can not be removed in a single day. It is tough but not impossible. It requires creating more jobs especially for the less educated and less skilled people so that people can be indulged in work instead of begging. Our government has also started some programs to eradicate poverty which is the root of begging problem in India. One of such programs is Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, 2005 (MGNREGA) which ensures that every family should get to work minimum 100 days in a year. Government has many more programs for the welfare of the poor but people don’t know about these schemes so awareness about such schemes is must. We need to try and create jobs for those begging on the streets, the children need to be sent to school so that in future they can earn a decent living for themselves.