Our goal is to aware people to not giving money baggers and make them self working. We provide ideas to people how they can support them and can contribute in making a bagger free India. So being a responsible citizen your voice against begging.

Child Trafficking

Helping someone is one of the beautiful attributes. Every person should help the needy people before helping someone make sure if the person really needs your help.


We often come across children begging in streets, markets, on traffic signals. We end up giving them some money and our duty ends there. Don’t you think our duty don’t end but starts from there? These are forced beggars forced begging that is a crime. Forced begging is a form of human trafficking which may also involve forced criminal activity or organized crime. Most of the victims of human trafficking come from a poor background. These beggars are forced to do so. They beg whole day and then they hand over all the money to the person who forced them to beg. Most of these children are victims of child trafficking. Child trafficking is major problem which is spreading its roots day by day. According to estimates, everyday 3000 children becomes victim of child trafficking, particularly that of women and children reaches up to 10 billion US dollars per year according to estimates made by the International Organization for migration.

These victims can’t raise their voice. They are treated like slaves and become objects of an illicit and immoral commence. Now question arises that who becomes the victims of human trafficking, they are usually small children, girls, females and disabled people. They are easy targets of people engage in human trafficking children or poor family and those who ran away from their homes also become victims of human trafficking.

They are sold for the purpose of sexual exploitation, begging, soliciting or for forced marriages. They are forced to work in construction work, factories or as domestic servants. Some children are also given for a substantial sum of money to parents waiting to adopt. Children are also kidnapped for organ transplant. The sale of kidney is highest among the total organ transplant each year i.e 5%-10%. Our country has many laws against these crimes but still the crime is increasing at an alarming rate. Please raise your voice against this evil.