Our goal is to aware people to not giving money baggers and make them self working. We provide ideas to people how they can support them and can contribute in making a bagger free India. So being a responsible citizen your voice against begging.

Remove Child Begging

Begging is a big problem in India. According to a survey there are around 30,000 child beggars in our country. Most of them are girls.

How can we remove child begging from India?

All of them come from poor family or victims of child trafficking. Professional Child trafficking rackets are working across India. According to reports and surveys one child goes missing every eight minutes in India .According to a report by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of India, 40,000 children are abducted each year, leaving 11,000 remains un-traced. Children especially of poor background are being kidnapped, trafficked and forced to beg. These very children, after attaining puberty are used as sex workers. Number of girls is very large as compared to boys. CBI reports of 2009 states that, more than 1.2 million children involved in prostitution in India. Sometimes infants are also stolen from hospitals and sold. They are illegally adopted or raised for begging or prostitution.

It is high time to take some steps to eradicate this evil from our society. Everyone can contribute in stop begging from India. We have strict law in our constitution like begging is illegal, children below the age of 14 years cannot work at any place but is it only the duty of Government or court to ensure that rules and regulation should be followed by everyone. The problem occurs when out of sympathy we give money to a child beggar then to an adult beggar. This leads to the problem of employing child beggar.No it is not so we are citizens of this beautiful country it is our duty to ensure that rule and regulation should be followed and to make this country a great place to live. By doing some small things we can stop begging in India like

  • Do not give money to beggars.
  • Especially to women carrying infants and children because many a times these are kids who are kidnapped.
  • If out of sympathy you want to give them something then give them something to eat like biscuit or any other food. By this you are helping in saving humanity but discouraging begging.
  • Avoid giving money to child beggars. This will help to stop use of children in begging.
  • If you find suspicious in any beggar then immediately report in the nearest police station.
  • Education not only to the child beggars or to their parents but to the whole society who actually encourage the child begging more by giving them money.
  • The day we stop giving money to children, we will see a change in the scene. So we need to think twice before giving anything especially to a child.
  • Begging is a huge business these days. Just as there are drug dealers, there are dealers of beggars in our country. They are fulfilling their needs by doing this inhuman work. These people are curse for mankind. They deserve severe punishment. But each one of us can help in removing this evil from our society. If every last person in India decided to not give a single penny to any beggar and instead donate money to any organization that helps the very poor with food, clothing, shelter, education and social support, begging would definitely end. This small step will help a lot.

Please remember each rupee you put on a child beggars hand is only strengthening child trafficking and prostitution.